Fine Buoy Rich Pimples. (intro)


Written by: Ogu chinedu

“Sit down there! You stupid arrogant bastard.”
“So you get morale abi?, you, a criminal get morale dey question me wey be police!” A hot slap landed on the man’s cheek. He opened his mouth to speak and received an equally hot slap from a different source.
“You be thief!”
“I no bethief'”
He received a hard kick on the belly.
“I say you be thief” the policeman replied after another kick. The man kept quiet. There was no need to talk, in fifteen seconds he had learnt that talking back to a Nigerian police man amounted to suicide. where he came from, that was the worst way to die.
“wetin be this guy name sef?” A man probably the highest ranked of the batch asked. One of the police officers who had been acting as the ‘lampholder’, holding a torchlight over the victim while he received his welcome package, shifted the torchlight to a thick brown and long notebook and flipped.
“Johnson buoy na im name sir”
“buoy kwa?”
“yes sir, but the boy no be boy sir, na different boy…in fact, the spellingdifferent'” he concluded.
“spell am” the senior officer ordered.
” na B-U-O-Y sir”.
One of the men turned to the man who by now was coughing and spitting.
“you feel say na to dey answer boy, that one no go save you o, as far as i know, you no be boy, forget that your baby face, i sure say you get grandchildren sef”
“take him to cellB” the senior officer ordered and walked off.
“oya move!” one of the officers bellowed as they dragged him off.

He coughed again.

“no dey cough that thing” a voice shouted behind him as someone hit him on the head with a hard object, he felt his eyes slowly close as they dragged him to ‘cell B’.
This work was written by Ogu chinedu as a promotional for the new Chinekubiz™ blog ‘akuko’.
The sequel ‘fine buoy rich pimples’ will start on 16/10/2015 on this blog, please do check it out.copyright: Chinekubiz INC.



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