He said Peter Pan that’s what they call me, I promise that you’ll never be lonely. And ever since that day….I am a lost boy from Neverland, usually hanging out with Peter Pan, and when were bored we play in the woods, always on the run from Captain Hook…Run run lost boy, they say to me, away from all of reality…’Lost Boy’ – Ruth B

Written By: Olaleye Oladipupo

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It wasn’t like every other Wednesday. There were no lectures. The curfew had been announced on Monday. They said it was for the rituals that needed to be performed after the demise of the king. And on Tuesday, circulars had already torn through every corner on campus that all students should stay in their hostels. The curfew was slated from 9am to 4pm, then 11pm till dawn. Desmond and I agreed to spend the whole day together in Quarters. The Staff-Quarters was on campus, and rituals do not enter campus. So it was safe. Besides that was where his family stayed. So Before 8 o’clock that morning, I was already on campus. We sauntered the scenic garden that surrounded the Quarters for hours, amidst the spray of trees that laid behind the buildings, out in the sun and let the scorching breeze steer us. Hand in hand. Smiles locked. We watched the shadows of the trees through our matching sunglasses, how they stood frozen and yet often crossed our paths. Their bent trunks and the grace of their leaves. How tired birds perched on their escaping branches and the edges of our shadows. How their wings fluttered. The melody in their calls. One thing led to another. I wanted to get laid by him, right there, in the hot fast breeze.
‘That’s nasty, he said.’
‘I know. I don’t care.’

‘That’s just somehow, its daylight.’

‘It doesn’t matter. Nobody comes out here in the woods anyways.’


Neither of us said a word further. Until we found ourselves the perfect spot to lie and got tangled. The touch of his silky smooth fingers was heavenly. My heart was thumping in my chest as he unbuckled my belt and pushed my trousers down my legs to the earth. I felt as though it was the first time ever I was being touched. I reached out and touched his face, and he kissed me softly on the wrist as my hand caressed his face from his hairline, down his nose, and across his angular cheekbones. And then I slipped my fingers down, over to his trousers and undid his zipper. He gently turned me over and made me lie down prone, there on the grass, with my naked butt floating a little bit into the spiritless breeze. The feeling was nothing short of electric when he gently penetrated into me. I moaned weightily and I thought I heard him moan too as he slowly hit it off, over and over again until finally, we had ourselves riding on unicorns into a never-never-land.

There were no better times to do it. The hot hours of roaming butterflies and chirping grasshoppers. How they fluttered and swooped over our semi-nude frames flipped inside-out, into each other.

‘Let’s run away. Far from here.’ He rolled away from on top of me to one side, adjusted his trousers and zipped it up. I didn’t quite catch the expression on his face when he said that.

‘Run away?’

‘Yes! Now!’

‘That’s insane.’

‘This community doesn’t love us and you know it.’

‘I know. But what of our degrees? What of my parents?’

He didn’t say a word and his face was blank as well.

‘And you know how supportive they are. After all, they paid for all the surgical procedures in the states before I had to come down here.’

‘Of course I know how supportive they are. And how can they not be? Are you not their only child?’ He chuckled.

‘It’s not just that. They wouldn’t support any of these if I had not threatened them that I’ll kill myself if they don’t stop being against it.’

‘Yeah, that’s true. Anyway, I was just kidding.’ His face lit with a shrunken smile

‘You are?’

‘A little bit.’

‘It’s not funny. Besides, there’s still a final surgery to go and you know it can’t be done here in Nigeria. We can consider running away after I go for it and I’m back here.’ I pulled up my boxers. Continue Reading…


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